Hey, Ducks fans! It’s Ryan Kesler, really excited to get the season going.

@BizNasty2point0 Saw this yesterday at the park. These 2 were going at it for 30 minutes. They’d just discovered french kissing. (x)




Hockey boys are so weird they’re like “yeah I want a girl who likes hockey” and then u say u like hockey and they’re like “UM I BET U CANT EVEN NAME 1 PLAYER”

I bet you cant

I bet ur a bitch



im pretty firmly against eating anyone’s ass but i would definitely eat phil kessel’s ass if thats the type of pursuasion he needed to decide to wife me up

ok i just lost 4 followers in the 1 and a half minutes since posting this

Take Me Back: 2/10 Almost 19yr old Patrick Kane


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I don’t really think from the start that I really like had the talent for it but I feel like I kinda have the talent to work hard.” - [Eddie Lack]